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2008-08-28 22:07:49 by g-r4ve

Well I guess I shud post an update... Im on my moms mac right now =p So even tho I said im done, im aparently still submittin... liek wtf? Im tired of PMing people my song, so its up to u guys to check back at my page to see if theres any new songs. Add my msn... or my aim: mmllxwormsmaster.

new song

no more

2008-08-03 12:08:47 by g-r4ve

no more songs... I might play around with my music... but im not uploading anything for a looooong time. Sorry. On a side note... add me as a friend on PS3!!!!


is my account.


2008-06-26 15:10:14 by g-r4ve

an un released song... it was the last project of mine before my old g-rave account went down. Im not uploading it, so just listen to it here. Prepare to be AMAZED :P

ATLANTIS muahahaha

im done

2008-04-17 20:08:37 by g-r4ve

I was testing out wat people thot of my new style -some liked it some didnt. So im done with it, and ill stop deleting my songs unless they really suck. Im gonna reupload thunder, and perhaps finish tuxedo. We'll see


2008-03-11 00:08:03 by g-r4ve

So anyone else get super smash bros brawl?? Im not playing online any time soon (undergoing serious training ;p), but anyone who sees this, TELL ME YOUR FRIEND CODE!!! PM me, or add me to AIM. And we'll get a match setup :D Heres my friend code: 1848-1365-8364


2007-12-15 08:45:48 by g-r4ve

well my attempts at becoming godly at techno have failed me... so blegh

history and the truth

2007-11-29 19:16:03 by g-r4ve

A long time ago when I first started making music... I made a newgrounds account and started to submit. The name of my account was Quake3nigma. Dont search for it, it got deleted lol. I submitted a bunch of really catchy techno songs, using a program called Fruity Loops studios. I was a master of melodys... Heres a refurbished version of a song I made with that account. I called it londons on fire,
and it was one of my most popular songs with a whopping 70 downloads! :P listen to it here. I eventually got better with my
program... and decided to make a new account and start fresh. This account was called Darth_Synth. I still made catchy songs such as The sacred Temple, and some more I might upload some day. They're currently residing on my ipod :D

I eventually learnt that my songs had a very nooby sound to it. I was using default sytrus presets, and basic fruity loops drum samples. I finally got some new samples (good ol' VEC clubsound pack :D) and found a new plugin called rapture, which I became quite good at using. Thus it was time for a new account (again). This time I would be known as g-rave. I started off my account with rapture. My most popular submission at the time would probably be undead rave acheiving DOUBLE PLATINUM WOOT!

I frequently had wars with users such as draze (known as X-digital at the time). All his fans would spam me, and my fans would spam him, good times ;D
Now if ur wondering where all my accounts went, ill explain. Me and my close friend r00ts, some of u may remember him; found a way to vote as many times as we wanted. We used a program called TOR which was a web browser that let u browse the net with a different ip (proxy). I made a shit load of accounts called redgrey1, redgrey2, all the way to like redgrey30. Using these accounts I would vote 5 on my songs continuously until it had a score I was happy with. I also used this method to zero bomb dj-immune because I thot he was conceited. Very evil I know. Anyways I made the mistake of using TOR with my g-rave account, my darthsynth account, and my quake3nigma account. Newgrounds then banned every account that used TOR permanently. Thus all my accounts were gone

I made an account called m4ster ... submitted bamboo dreams and other shitty songs until I decided it was time for a new account. This time it was g-r4ve with a 4. Now I suck and yeah thats my history lol.


2007-09-08 11:58:24 by g-r4ve

well im gonna post some of my better songs here, so u dont have to go scrounging through all my audio.

1. [Intensity g-R]
2. [Bamboo Dreams g-R]
3. [Metallic Nightmare g-R]
4. [Explosion g-R]
5. [Neckbreaker g-R]
6. [Static Electricity g-R]

Well there ya go. Dont let this stop u from listening to every single one of my songs tho xDD

i suck

2007-07-18 00:22:26 by g-r4ve

Hmm... well I dont have much to say. I used to be a good techno producer... then I discovered trance and artists such as infected mushrooms... then I slowly kept getting worse and worse. Im pretty much done submitting. I only fool around with FL studio here and there, so don't really expect much from me. Anyways, enjoy wat i have on here... and peace