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history and the truth

2007-11-29 19:16:03 by g-r4ve

A long time ago when I first started making music... I made a newgrounds account and started to submit. The name of my account was Quake3nigma. Dont search for it, it got deleted lol. I submitted a bunch of really catchy techno songs, using a program called Fruity Loops studios. I was a master of melodys... Heres a refurbished version of a song I made with that account. I called it londons on fire,
and it was one of my most popular songs with a whopping 70 downloads! :P listen to it here. I eventually got better with my
program... and decided to make a new account and start fresh. This account was called Darth_Synth. I still made catchy songs such as The sacred Temple, and some more I might upload some day. They're currently residing on my ipod :D

I eventually learnt that my songs had a very nooby sound to it. I was using default sytrus presets, and basic fruity loops drum samples. I finally got some new samples (good ol' VEC clubsound pack :D) and found a new plugin called rapture, which I became quite good at using. Thus it was time for a new account (again). This time I would be known as g-rave. I started off my account with rapture. My most popular submission at the time would probably be undead rave acheiving DOUBLE PLATINUM WOOT!

I frequently had wars with users such as draze (known as X-digital at the time). All his fans would spam me, and my fans would spam him, good times ;D
Now if ur wondering where all my accounts went, ill explain. Me and my close friend r00ts, some of u may remember him; found a way to vote as many times as we wanted. We used a program called TOR which was a web browser that let u browse the net with a different ip (proxy). I made a shit load of accounts called redgrey1, redgrey2, all the way to like redgrey30. Using these accounts I would vote 5 on my songs continuously until it had a score I was happy with. I also used this method to zero bomb dj-immune because I thot he was conceited. Very evil I know. Anyways I made the mistake of using TOR with my g-rave account, my darthsynth account, and my quake3nigma account. Newgrounds then banned every account that used TOR permanently. Thus all my accounts were gone

I made an account called m4ster ... submitted bamboo dreams and other shitty songs until I decided it was time for a new account. This time it was g-r4ve with a 4. Now I suck and yeah thats my history lol.


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2007-11-29 20:50:52

WOW i actually read that whole thing

just wondering where did you get the song from your deleted account ^_^

g-r4ve responds:



2007-12-02 01:21:27

well... what ever, i dont care about any of that, i just love your music. ill give you all the 5's you want. anyway just dont get this account deleted, heh.

g-r4ve responds:

lol wasnt it an interesting read tho ???


2007-12-16 15:58:35

you dont need alternate accounts you fucking rock


2008-07-15 22:15:29

That's why the 4 is in there?