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2007-09-08 11:58:24 by g-r4ve

well im gonna post some of my better songs here, so u dont have to go scrounging through all my audio.

1. [Intensity g-R]
2. [Bamboo Dreams g-R]
3. [Metallic Nightmare g-R]
4. [Explosion g-R]
5. [Neckbreaker g-R]
6. [Static Electricity g-R]

Well there ya go. Dont let this stop u from listening to every single one of my songs tho xDD


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2007-09-08 15:32:27

your stuffs pretty good man, I liked Neckbreaker the best.


2007-09-14 15:27:16

Love you.


2007-09-16 14:14:40

Just a quick not, if your not getting inspiration for Trance or Techno, give IDM, Drum and Bass, or whatever you want a try! Who knows? You might really like it :D

However, thanks for that list. Now, because of the redesign, its hard to download every song from an artist, so a list helps ^_^


2007-09-16 15:37:43

you're so awsome, what software do you use to make techno

g-r4ve responds:

fl studio


2007-09-24 18:28:39

man like theres nothign to describe what u do. you dont mind if i play ur songs over my city and in parties n shit bcuz this is off the hook why dont u start publishing on limewire and youtube and make cd's n shit

g-r4ve responds:

i currently have a very hard time coming up with anything good =/
i might make a cd some day


2007-10-01 02:38:31

Why the fu**ing hell isn't sacred temple here g-r

g-r4ve responds:

cus sacred temple isnt one of my better songs


2007-10-13 10:14:17 73816/2
Is it really you?
Wheres your awsome tank picture I complimented you about?

g-r4ve responds:

yes its really me. As for the tank picture, now that uve reminded me about it, im in search for it. It should be up on my picture as soon as i find it


2007-11-04 15:23:47

Waw dude!
Do you still remember me?
I loved your dp, shame you got banned, what was that all about?

g-r4ve responds:

if u read that topic ull find out