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2008-06-26 15:10:14 by g-r4ve

an un released song... it was the last project of mine before my old g-rave account went down. Im not uploading it, so just listen to it here. Prepare to be AMAZED :P

ATLANTIS muahahaha


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2008-06-26 16:39:13

It's a pretty cool song.

g-r4ve responds:

I wish I had the flp for this song... id love to finish it


2008-06-28 02:10:55

i enjoyed that, i remember when you used to do this style alot, i liked the long sustained synths and full stereo sound


2008-07-04 22:34:10

I agree with Darren, definitely an example of your old style. Really amazing for something done in the past. I think making the song a double loop would extend it enough to be a *full* song - I've been looping it on iTunes and it sounds great. I understand that you don't want to upload it because it clashes with your new style, but if you have any other unreleased stuff like this, please post it! I thoroughly enjoyed it.


2008-07-18 21:05:42

What can I say? Like all your work, it's amazing, despite it's relatively short length. I hope you keep creating your music, because it's all great listening. Peace out, dude.

g-r4ve responds:

Im still workin on the length issue


2008-07-22 19:38:46

Your old stuff is great dude.. I wish you kept going with the uber melodies ;P

g-r4ve responds:

My style has changed too much =/ I dont think ill ever be able to make stuff like this ever again T_T


2008-08-03 04:17:35

Great trac! Another great peice of work, keep it up.