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2007-12-15 08:45:48 by g-r4ve

well my attempts at becoming godly at techno have failed me... so blegh


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2007-12-15 20:34:47

well thats partially good inormation, i cant wait to hear your songs, dude im stoked for master tracks.

that little demo thingy you posted sounds different somehow, like you had a little reverb on it, kinda airy but i liked it, i hope to hear a full version.


2007-12-17 10:35:21

Finish it g-Rape!
lol g-Rape hehehe


2008-01-29 00:36:46

Ey homie. How have you been?!

LONG assed time no see, talk, or anything!

I've been listening to your tunes a lot and I wanted to come check out your new stuff and catch up with you. Go on aim/msn once in a while you bum LOL.


2008-02-02 14:29:51

the only thing you've failed at is your attitude.


2008-02-03 04:47:34

dont worry!
you can do batter than today!
so as you can with focus with your heart!


2008-02-03 12:57:33

michaelsetiyawan says:

dont worry!
you can do batter than today!
so as you can with focus with your heart! sound like one of those lame people who think that a beating organ that pumps blood through your body will help you create things in life.


2008-02-13 22:20:16

i think your pretty good at techno, just work at it


2008-02-23 23:19:51

forget that, YOU'RE A BEAST!!!


2008-02-24 19:28:40

HEY! where all your 2008 music go heh?

g-r4ve responds:

lol i deleted it, cus it wasnt up to my standards