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i suck

2007-07-18 00:22:26 by g-r4ve

Hmm... well I dont have much to say. I used to be a good techno producer... then I discovered trance and artists such as infected mushrooms... then I slowly kept getting worse and worse. Im pretty much done submitting. I only fool around with FL studio here and there, so don't really expect much from me. Anyways, enjoy wat i have on here... and peace


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2007-07-22 15:25:58

BAH! nonsense!
j0 pwns!
keep making songs like platypus rex and ull get a record deal :D

g-r4ve responds:

lol dude people dont pay to listen to dat shit


2007-07-25 01:13:19

Yeah see how far pissing on ur friends gets u lol


2007-07-26 13:08:58

you're one of the best techno artisits on newgrounds. my music has been getting worse of late, and friends are telling me i suck. you're not finished, you're just in a bad spot. keep trying and you wont be sucky forevor.

g-r4ve responds:

i hope not =/


2007-08-25 20:23:56

lol awsome music keep it gonig

g-r4ve responds:

your names similar to mine lolol


2007-08-29 20:41:54

Dude! You are the farthest thing from sucking! i have downloaded ALL your songs and i still need more great songs like these... atleast do some more as a "Retirement" song lol... but seriously dude youre awsome and u definately made it to my favorite artists... i hope u change your mind

Good Luck,


2007-08-30 20:33:51

you inspire me and my art work and your music is the best hands down, it always gets me dancing or drawing intensivly or spacing out which are all good things


2007-08-31 12:25:19

I'm still a huge fan of your music, and you are far from 'sucking'.
You shouldn't stop.


2007-09-02 14:10:08

Your last submission got really high what are you complaining about your not that bad

g-r4ve responds:

wtf makes u think im complaining? im just saying i suck, isnt that allowed?


2007-09-04 18:05:53

u dont suck man ur music is way better than wat i can make i dont even know how to put music on newgrownds


2007-09-04 18:11:28

same as dat guy on top o me


2007-09-06 17:28:17

that's sad... i hope you come to your senses and make more, though. cause you DON'T suck!


2007-09-07 19:22:02

You have absolute talent. I give you that. I do understand that you have basically stopped producing Techno... But I have to say, you are one of, if not the best Electronica artist on Newgrounds. I have to admit though, I am a bit disappointed you decided to stop mixing. I would absolutely ADORE you if you could, in your spare time, mess around with your music once more. I look and look in all the different Techno artists trying to find the perfect Vampire / Goth mix for my... Lets just call them "gatherings." Do you think you could delve into that area for me and let your imagination get a little darker one last time? (I suggest watching a few Horror movies.) The perfect Vampire mix. Dark, depressing, elegant, and full of bass. You can E-mail me with a reply at letting me know if you'll look into it or not.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,



2007-09-08 05:33:47

what makes you think you suck? that some artists are more technically talented than you? music shouldn't be a competition. all I want to say is keep producing man. maybe try different genres to inspire new ideas, and then you can make your stuff sound fresher. everyone has their own different style\, so just develop your own sound and you'll be better then certain artists in certain ways.


2007-09-08 15:28:55

WE \dont think ur good because ur music came from shit


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