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im done

2008-04-17 20:08:37 by g-r4ve

I was testing out wat people thot of my new style -some liked it some didnt. So im done with it, and ill stop deleting my songs unless they really suck. Im gonna reupload thunder, and perhaps finish tuxedo. We'll see


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2008-04-17 22:36:56

I'm looking foward to your music!! You're a real artist, so experimentation here and there shouldn't be a bad thing. Keep going! :]


2008-04-19 17:04:45


g-r4ve responds:

isnt it supposed to be BUCK YOU FITCH?


2008-04-19 22:14:35

>.> woww...

g-r4ve responds:

I know arent they noobs? god


2008-04-26 12:36:17

weeeeee wooo wiiiiiii !!
:) keep up the good work =D


2008-04-27 00:33:34

Those noobs can burn in hell for what i care. I kind of like your new style. I still think your best submissions were Rave Mammoth, Undead Rave, Trance Mix 4, and Triple Gulp Kickflip. Keep it up!


2008-05-07 18:49:41

lol i put what i thought of your new style on AB 2, and people thought it was a useless review because i didn't praise it and call it godly. newgrounds is full of noobs.


2008-05-22 15:36:34

I think you should make a real appearance, let people know you're still here.


2008-05-27 21:10:42

i liked ur new style, there will always be people that don't like something, you can't please everybody all the time so you shouldn't stop with the new way just because couple of people didn't like it, many thought your new stuff is great, so is your old stuff, thats why you are on my fav list.

keep up the great work for all of us to enjoy. thank you. :)



2008-06-14 13:05:14

u r awsum

yes, i dosent really matter, just produce what ever you like, submit and hope your fans love it =)

hAvE a NiCe dAy <3


2008-06-20 02:42:30

i like anything you do, but the goa/psy style was my favorite, i would like if you used more vox pads